The 14th annual TCS Summit Asia Pacific will be held on 30-31 October 2019 at the Fairmont Resort & Spa, in the Blue Mountains.

This exclusive, invitation-only event will bring together distinguished C-Suite, board members, senior executives and thought leaders from the Asia Pacific region. TCS Summit is recognised as a premier leadership event globally, from Europe to the Americas.

This year the theme is Mastering Business 4.0: Harnessing Abundance and Ecosystems. Businesses today face constant challenges to rapidly adapt, drive acceptance of new business models, stay ahead of the competition and deliver superior customer experiences. Successful transformations also require a fundamental shift in the culture and mindset of organisations.

At TCS, we believe that to thrive in a Business 4.0 world, four critical business behaviours must be adopted: driving mass personalisation, creating exponential value, leveraging ecosystems and embracing risk.

TCS Summit will highlight how today’s leading companies have a great opportunity to move on from a past focus of optimising scarce resources. To a new approach based on harnessing an abundance of talent, capital, data and computing resources to solve business problems and deliver exponential value. TCS Summit will also demonstrate how the power of enterprise can be magnified by leveraging broader partner ecosystems. This will enable businesses to move away from past silos and bolster innovation capabilities. And to shift from selling products to offering ongoing services and experiences, which can unlock new revenue streams and expand customer bases.


Commercial Director
Virgin Galactic
Australian of the Year, 2014; Dual AFL Brownlow Medalist, Four-time All-Australian, Founder of GO Foundation
Catriona Wallace
Founder & CEO
Flamingo Ai & Fintech
Rajesh Gopinathan
Watch this space for exciting speaker announcements.

Future Leaders at TCS Summit

In its 4th year, this half-day forum on Wednesday 30th October, is an invitation-only event for future leaders across Australia and New Zealand. Future Leaders at TCS Summit delegates have been identified as high performers who are passionate about harnessing the power of digital technologies to create a fairer, more inclusive society. They are nominated to attend by distinguished CXOs, executives and thought leaders who attend TCS Summit Asia Pacific. Future Leaders at TCS Summit will collaborate on the latest technology and business trends. They’ll also enjoy a mix of inspirational speakers,Going Agile Business 4.0 Masterclasses and technology showcases.

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