Future Leaders

Future Leaders at TCS Summit

In its 5th year, this half-day forum, is an invitation-only event for future leaders across Australia and New Zealand. Future Leaders at TCS Summit delegates have been identified as high performers who are passionate about harnessing the power of digital technologies to create a fairer, more inclusive society. They are nominated to attend by distinguished CXOs, executives and thought leaders who attend TCS Summit Asia Pacific. Future Leaders at TCS Summit will highlight the latest technology and business trends from world-leading executives. They’ll also enjoy a mix of inspirational speakers, networking opportunities and community insights.

Digital Empowers a Sustainable World

Future Leaders at TCS Summit will showcase the key role of digital in empowering communities across the world. How technology is helping women in rural areas of India and children in Africa learn to read and write. How drones are helping to save endangered animals and protect forests in Europe. And how technology is supporting a culture of health and wellbeing in Indigenous Australia with children being encouraged to become the next generation of innovators through the study of STEM subjects. Digital is leading the way to consistently improve people’s lives and we all have a role to play. To read more visit here.

“It gives us great insights into what young managers of today – the leaders of tomorrow – are worried about, and more importantly, what they are going to do about it”

K. Ananth Krishnan, Executive VP and CTO of TCS

Looking back at Future Leaders at TCS Summit 2019

Looking back at Future Leaders at TCS Summit 2018

2019 Agenda

Wednesday 30th October
Time Topic Details
09:45 - 10:15 Arrival & Registration
10:15 - 10:25 Welcome to Country and Introduction Adam Spencer - MC
Adeel Zammit - New Colombo Plan Student
10:25 - 10:45 Mastering Business 4.0: Harnessing Abundance and Ecosystems Rajesh Gopinathan CEO & MD, TCS
10:45 - 11:45 Future Leadership - A Global Mindset K. Ananth Krishnan - EVP & CTO, TCS
Julia Kotlarsky - Prof. Information Systems & Operations Management, University of Auckland
Molly Olson - CEO, Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand
Datuk Md Arif Mahmood - CEO, Downstream, Petronas
Michele Lemmens - Head of Business Sustainability, TCS Asia Pacific (Moderator)
11:45 - 12:00 Digitally Empowering Our Communities to Build a Better Tomorrow Charlie Maher - Indigenous Marathon Foundation
12:00 - 12:50 Nanogirl Live: The Importance of STEM Education Michelle Dickinson - Nanotechnologist and STEM Expert
12:50 - 13:00 Closing Remarks Adeel Zammit - New Colombo Plan Student
13:00 - 14:00 Networking Lunch


For more information please email info@tcssummitapac.com